Knee-High Gym Sock Leggings - Moon Gray
Knee-High Gym Sock Leggings - Moon Gray
Knee-High Gym Sock Leggings - Moon Gray

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Knee-High Gym Sock Leggings - Moon Gray

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Leggings Description:

Our KNEE-HIGH GYM SOCK Leggings will be the softest leggings you ever own! This beautiful blend of durable lightweight nylon and stretchy flattering spandex hugs your curves and makes these leggings the best of both worlds! They feel soft and cozy for casual wear while being sweat wicking when you're working out. Once you wear this combination of fabric you will never want anything else. They feel like butter!

When these leggings were designed we had your legging and body complaints in mind!

Common Problems - legging and body complaints:

Rips – a common problem with cotton leggings

Muffin Top – a common problem with low waisted leggings

Visible Cellulite – cellulite shows through the fabric

Roll down – waist band rolls down and won't stay in place

Stretching: fabric stretching out and losing form

The Solution – how we feel we can help:

Our leggings are designed to solve some of these common problems. The waist is mid-high rise with a snug fit so there is no rolling down and NO muffin top. They have a glove-like fit that hugs and flatters your curves while helping smooth cellulite. Unlike cotton leggings, our blend of spandex and nylon will never stretch out and lose their form and are much longer lasting.

Our Leggings - the design

Designed for casual comfort, active living and workouts

Doesn't wrinkle easily

Fabric hugs the body like a glove for a flattering look

Trendy, sassy and playful to give the appearance of wearing gym socks

Mid-high rise so there is no muffin top

4-way stretchy material for ultimate comfort and stretch

A beautiful blend of nylon and spandex for a super butter-like feel

87% nylon 13 % spandex