Emma Watson’s sustainable wardrobe is all over Instagram!

Happy Sunday Bunny Beauts! I woke in the wee hours, unable to get back to the land of nod, so naturally I sought out YouTube! I found a Pop Trigger video about Emma Watson's wardrobe (if you're unaware of Pop Trigger, it's a really great talk show on YouTube covering everything from current affairs to … Continue reading Emma Watson’s sustainable wardrobe is all over Instagram!

Clothing Review – Vegan Skechers

Over a year ago I decided to go cruelty-free and in that transition was a wardrobe purge. I got rid of all my clothing items that were leather, wool or suede. I was sort of lucky because I only needed to get rid of about three items. However, one of them I was sad to … Continue reading Clothing Review – Vegan Skechers

Cruelty-Free Wardrobe! (or floordrobe…)

Yesterday I saw a video, shot by one of the PETA undercover teams who went inside the wool and sheep-shearing industry. It horrified me to say the least. As a result I headed straight to my wardrobe for the cruelty-free clearout I thought I would be doing next week. Step Three is a go! Now, … Continue reading Cruelty-Free Wardrobe! (or floordrobe…)