Emma Watson’s sustainable wardrobe is all over Instagram!

Happy Sunday Bunny Beauts!

I woke in the wee hours, unable to get back to the land of nod, so naturally I sought out YouTube! I found a Pop Trigger video about Emma Watson’s wardrobe (if you’re unaware of Pop Trigger, it’s a really great talk show on YouTube covering everything from current affairs to the weird and wonderful, and one of the hosts is vegan too). You might be thinking, shur what do we care about Emma Watson’s wardrobe?

Well, I’ll tell ya! Emma Watson is pretty much amazing at everything, let’s be honest. She’s a talented and successful award-winning actress; a United Nations Women’s Goodwill Ambassador; she launched the HeForShe campaign, lobbying for equality among the sexes by including men as much as women in a global discussion on the matter; and she’s also a model, taking part in (un-sponsored) collaborations with Fair Trade certified fashion brand People Tree, telling The Times in April 2010:

“Fashion is a great way to empower people and give them skills; rather than give cash to charity you can help people by buying the clothes they make and supporting things they take pride in. I think young people like me are becoming increasingly aware of the humanitarian issues surrounding fast fashion and want to make good choices but there aren’t many options out there.”

And this was just the beginning of her love affair with sustainable and ethical fashion. Most recently (six days ago to be precise) she launched a brand new Instagram account call The Press Tour. And it’s fab!

To sum up, Emma’s wardrobe is made up of ethical, conscious, sustainable and mostly vegan fashions, and so is her hair product and make-up collection, and she’s using this account to showcase how one can be stylish and conscious all at once. She’s naming the brands featured and linking their Instagram accounts, so you can check them out for yourself.

Personally, I think a lot of the brands she uses are a bit pricey, at least for me. But that’s because there’s no major demand for them over ‘fast-fashion’ like Penneys, H&M, Zara etc. I’m hoping that as more people follow this account and see what’s out there and learn more about the best vs the more common practices in fashion production, demand will heighten and prices will drop to a more reasonable and accessible level across the board.

For now though, I’m still delirah about this project of hers! She’s only got seven posts up but already she’s got 336,ooo+ followers on the account, waiting to not only to see what she’s wearing and who, but why she loves the pieces.

That’s something I  really love about the posts. There’s thought put in, it’s not just a #OOTD pic saying I got this top there and these pants here. She really explains why she supports a company, why she loves a piece and why you might too. All of the fashion information she’s included has been verified by Eco-Age too, a brand sustainability consultancy organisation.

Effortlessly Parisian, non?

Bonjour Paris! Coat is from @stellamccartney, the world's first luxury brand that is committed to producing products that do not use leather, skins, feathers or fur. Instead, Stella has spent years developing ways of using materials such as regenerated cashmere, recycled fabrics, organic cotton and forest-friendly fabrics. Jumper is from @filippa_k, a Swedish brand committed to four Rs: reducing, repairing, reusing and recycling. Tee by @boodywear, a brand that produces basics made with certified organic bamboo, produced using computerised 3D knitting, so no fabric is wasted. Its factories are zero-waste and have a closed loop system to stop any water being wasted. Bespoke beret by @maisonmichel made with organic cotton. Shoes are @goodguysdontwearleather. The brand doesn’t use any animal products in its collections. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves

A post shared by The Press Tour (@the_press_tour) on

I loved the info about the shoe brand in particular because I find it so difficult here in Ireland to verify shoe brands that definitely do not use animal-based glues. So, naturally, I checked out Good Guys and look at what I’ll be saving up for!

Have a good weekend guys! Boots: DAISY in Microfiber aka vegan suede #veganboots #vegan #goodguysdontwearleather #petaapproved #ecofriendly pic @patricia__khan

A post shared by Good Guys Don't Wear Leather (@goodguysdontwearleather) on

And the site includes both US and EU sizing. Swoon!

I’m obsessed with the back of this blue and black number in particular. So chic and sexy without bearing all.

In this next one Emma details her hair and make-up look too. She mentions using John Masters Organics and lads, you’ve no idea how smug it makes me feel to know I share a haircare brand in common with Emma Watson!

Sunday was the first ever public screening of @beautyandthebeast! We were so happy to surprise the audience in Paris and say “bonjour” in person, especially as this is the country where it was created and Belle’s place of birth 🇫🇷🌹 Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the new Co-Creative Directors of @oscardelarenta, created this Jacobian flower-embroidered duchesse satin bustier with an organic silk faille sash and organic wool trousers as part of their first collection. The entire look was made in-house at Oscar de la Renta’s NYC atelier ❤ @burberry pumps handmade in Italy with organic silk. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves Lipstick is a combination of Osaka Plum Matte and New Orleans Scarlet Matte from @thebodyshop who have used their fairly traded 'Community Trade Brazil Nut Oil' from Peru in this product along with the Lash Hero Mascara which uses 'Community Trade Shea Butter'. Hair using @rahuabeauty who as well as being a natural brand partner with women from Amazonian nations such as Waorani, Achuar, Quichua, Quechua and Shuar to harvest their key ingredients Ungurahua, Sacha Inchi, and Buriti oils. Hair styling using @johnmastersorganicsusa who created their first organic haircare products in 1991 and use bottles made from the most recyclable plastic type and boxes made from 100% recycled paper with 100% soy ink. All brands are cruelty free. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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She does mention and use The Body Shop a lot, which is a brand I do no support anymore due to their parent company being L’Oréal but that does not diminish the idea that a woman like Emma Watson with such a massive following is starting a conversation about living cruelty-free, so I’m still on board with what she’s doing!

Now, this next all-black look, does she not just look deadly? Major jacket envy!

Merci beaucoup Paris for the wonderful start to the @beautyandthebeast tour! We felt like we were back in the heart of the film. Next stop – London. Did you know in the French version of the film, Cogsworth is called Big Ben? And Philippe is called Philbert?! 🇫🇷🌹 Body by @woronstore, a slow fashion brand that focuses on everyday essentials. Each underwear garment is made from Lenzing Modal® fabric, a fibre made from beech wood sourced from sustainable forestry plantations in Europe. Socks by @boodywear, a brand that produces underwear made with certified organic bamboo, produced using computerised 3D knitting, so no fabric is wasted. Its factories are zero-waste and have a closed loop system to stop any water being wasted. Faux leather jacket and dress by @stellamccartney Boots by @goodguysdontwearleather. The brand doesn't use any animal products in its collections, which are made in Porto, Portugal, helping preserve the traditional shoe making industry of the region. Jewellery by @allbluesofficial, who are based in Stockholm and handcraft every piece in their local, third-generation foundry. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves Concealer by @rmsbeauty which is formulated with raw, food-grade and organic ingredients in their natural state. Red pomegranate cheek and lip stain by @thebodyshop, who campaign to 'Enrich Not Exploit’ by protecting endangered habitats from intensive farming expansion, bronzer by @vitaliberata who have developed a collection of tanning products free from parabens, alcohol and that spray tan smell. Powder by @iliabeauty which is made from organic powdered corn and minerals instead of loose talc. Brown eye pencil by @honest_beauty who champion fair labour and human rights with their Health & Sustainability Standards. Lip balm from @tataharper who formulate and manufacture their natural and organic products from their farm in Vermont. Eyebrow gel by @janeiredale which is certified cruelty-free and eyebrow pencil by @alimapure who make their products in a diverse range of colours to suit all skin tones and offset 100% of their corporate carbon emissions. Beauty product info verified by @contentbeauty

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This monochrome outfit is so simple and understated yet she looks so gorge! Love the trousers, which is saying a lot because I’m not a trousers kinda gal.

Forty interviews in London, done! So much fun with @thatdanstevens 🌹 The Press Tour also supports smaller independent brands we find along the way. Bustier and trousers by @carmenmarch_official, a female Spanish designer. @burberry pumps handmade in Italy with organic silk #30wears Earrings are from @catbirdnyc, whose pieces are handmade in Brooklyn. Ring by @allbluesofficial, a Stockholm based jewellery studio. Every piece is handcrafted in a local, third-generation foundry. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves Skin and lips are @inikaorganic, an Australian make-up brand that is certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free and halal. The products used are Organic Liquid Foundation, Lip Liner in Moroccan Rose and Organic Lip & Cheek Cream in Rosehip. Eyes are @iliabeauty Pure Eye Liner, formulated from 100% natural dyes and without silicones (a key ingredient of most mainstream make-up), and @thebodyshop Lash Hero Mascara which uses fair-traded shea butter. Finishing powder is also from Ilia and contains organic aloe barbadensis leaf powder to keep the skin looking naturally dewy rather than overly matte. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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The story behind the production of this gown is pretty cool when you think about the lack of waste involved. Check it out in the caption! Also, the elegance of her in this picture makes me feel like such a frump on my best day. How does she do it?

Tonight was a special screening of @beautyandthebeast in London. The film was shown at the Odeon Leicester Square cinema to 1,600 people after a reception at the stunning Spencer House 🌹 Bespoke @emiliawickstead structural, off-the-shoulder gown with inverted pleat train. The gown is made from end-of-line fabric sourced from a family-run, London business specialising in couture fabrics, and produced in Italy. These unwanted fabric pieces have been given a new lease of life; often irregular quantities of surplus or end-of-line fabrics cannot be sold and are destroyed. This piece was created in Emilia Wickstead's London atelier, by an all-female team. Earrings are from @catbirdnyc, whose pieces are handmade in Brooklyn. Dress validated by @ecoage #ecoloves Skin prepped with @demamielskin Dewy Facial Mist, @tataharper Repairative Moisturiser and @decleoruk Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum. De Mamiel mist is made from ingredients sourced and blended in the UK, in small batches to maintain the vitality of each natural ingredient. Tata Harper are verified by PETA that neither the brand nor its ingredient suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products. Decléor serum is a blend of naturally derived ingredients such as neroli and sandalwood and free from mineral oils and parabens. Foundation is @inikaorganic's BB Cream, which is certified organic, vegan and not tested on animals. Concealer is the @rmsbeauty "Un" Cover-Up made from organic coconut, jojoba and cacao oil and mineral colours. Cheeks are @iliabeauty A Fine Romance Multi-Stick which is gluten-free and then finished with Inika's Mineral Mattifying Powder, blended from silica, corn, tapioca and rice powders instead of talc, which face powders have traditionally been based on. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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These earrings have a great production story, so be sure to read that in the caption. Not to mention, they’re so covetable. (Pay day is next week… hmm…) And finally, this jumpsuit. There are no words.

Completed our final day of press in London for @beautyandthebeast, what an incredibly kind reception. Not long now until the film is released into the world! 🌹❤️🇬🇧 Today’s look was a bespoke @31philliplim outfit, made from responsibly-sourced FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) viscose, and Oeko-Tex 100 certified biodegradable acetate yarn. @pichulikafrica earrings, handcrafted in Cape Town using locally manufactured rope re-purposed from off-cuts or overruns from the yachting and climbing industry. @burberry pumps handmade in Italy with organic silk #30wears Fashion info validated by @ecoage #ecoloves Skin prepped with @balancemebeauty Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser, @sukinskincare Hydrating Mist Toner and @paiskincare certified organic Rebalancing Day Cream and Gentle Eye Cream. Lips prepped with Balance Me Lip Quench Balm. Balance Me was founded by two sisters with clarity at the heart of their brand, stating the percentage of natural ingredients on the front of each product. Pai Skincare is certified vegan, is one of the first UK brands to be certified organic by @soilassociationbeauty and is formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Sukin are an Australian brand committed to offsetting their carbon emissions through a clean energy biomass project in India. @iliabeauty Vivid Foundation in a Tularosa and Atacama colour-mix used for the base. @rmsbeauty 'Un Cover-Up was used as a concealer and the Tinted "Un" Powder was used to set in place. Cheeks and lips were tinted with RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Illusive. @odylique Essential Care Mascara was used on lashes. This is the first mascara to be certified to organic standards by the Soil Association and the brand list the recyclability of their packaging and the country of origin on their website. The whole look was set with Ilia's Finishing Powder. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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She seems to be posting on a daily basis, so there’s sure to be a new one later today. If you like what she’s doing keep a look out for that and let me know your thoughts on the project, the brands, the fashion, the beauty etc that’s featured in the comments below.

Have a good one!

P.S. If you want to watch the YouTube video where I found out about this Instagram account, here it is.


6 thoughts on “Emma Watson’s sustainable wardrobe is all over Instagram!

  1. What about the Louis Vuitton dress, I thought they were noutorious for skinning animals alive, including dogs to make bags? I could be wrong. But if they are associated with cruelty (please confirm or deny) this along with promoting The Body Shop makes me feel like Emma is a hypocrite.


    1. Hi Lee-Ann!
      I totally understand where you’re coming from! About Louis Vuitton, I’m not sure because most of my knowledge base is in cruelty-free beauty, not fashion. I’m working on learning more and sharing it with my readers as I gain more expertise in that area. If you’ve any great online sources for that kind of info, please share! ❤
      About The Body Shop, it's not something I'm particularly happy about myself BUT they are a brand that does not test on animals, regardless of whether or not they're owned by one that does, so if she succeeds in starting a conversation about cruelty-free beauty and sustainable fashion and makes more people conscious of their purchases, then I'm happy with that for now! Every step forward matters when it comes to building a compassionate future, I believe. What about you? I mean, I went vegan in stages, so I did use The Body Shop for a time, even if I don't now, and I even talked about them on this very blog. Going cruelty-free and vegan took numerous steps for me and I like to think it's possible that she's taking small steps too.
      – Pam xox


      1. Hi Pam,
        Thanks for your response. I have been transitioning into a conscious consumer for the past 13 months. This means using products that have absolutely no association with a cruel parent because I find it utterly needless in this climate. Like you, I’ve found that taking bite sized steps is easier to digest and it has been a time consuming journey. I’m also still learning.

        I began with cosmetics and household items and now I’m moving on to fashion and food. I’ve always owned designer label handbags. Last November I got rid of them all because they were all associated with cruelty.

        I find research regarding fashion (and beauty) extremely difficult to do. Often write ups come with horrific images of tortured animals and I’m not in any mental state to be dealing with that! However, I’ll try and source information on Louis Vuitton.

        I thought I’d done pretty well over the past year but purchases from Superdrug have been niggling at me. I have to accept that where drugs are sold, a company cannot be cruelty free because medicine has to be tested by law. So once I’ve left Superdrug, cosmetic wise our household will be 100% cruelty free.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re 100% right, it is completely needless and I’m so happy you’re on that journey, Lee-Ann!

        At times I hate that the movement can be so graphic in spreading the word on animal cruelty. Some people engage with those images and it makes something click inside them and point them in a more compassionate direction. For others it can be completely off-putting and that’s why I’m focusing on promoting a conscious and compassionate lifestyle without focusing TOO much on the negatives of the more common alternatives. I think more people will respond positively but maybe I’m naive in my thinking. I’ll never know until I try, like anything!

        Major kudos to you for getting rid of all those designer bags; even though you were doing it for a great reason, that must have been tough!

        Finding out Superdrug had a non-CF parent company nearly broke my heart! But I’m working my way through the remaining products I have and I’m already finding affordable alternatives or DIYing what I can’t find at a reasonable rate. So happy to hear that you household is so close to being 100% cruelty-free too!

        I’ll look into LV too but do let me know what you find out! 🙂


      3. Hi,
        I guess I can’t attack photos here? I’ll Facebook you my findings and we’ll leave it at that!

        I’m all about the positive vibe! I hate to promote negatives but when massive companies like Too Faced are taking giant leaps backwards, I have to post about it. I never use cruel images. It scarred me as a child and although without them, we wouldn’t be having this conversation…I still can’t put anyone through that.

        Getting rid of bags wasn’t difficult. It was exilirating! I felt betrayed by the lies of these companies as well as idiotic. I won’t tolerate cruelty at any cost. I’m rather empowered!

        I’ll try to Facebook you now 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hi again Lee-Ann,

        Thanks so much for the info via Facebook! Like I said I’l look into it and post my findings on here.

        I wouldn’t say attack, but always, ALWAYS, question everything! Just like you did here. Curiosity is the only way any of us learn anything. 🙂

        I’m so glad you’re taking the foolishness these companies can make all of us feel and turning it into something that empowers you so much. Keep up the good fight with all the positivity you can muster! 😀

        – Pam xox


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