Tell the UN, ban it for the bunnies! – Cruelty Free International’s latest campaign

Good morning Bunny Beauts!

I say morning because as I begin this post it’s almost one in the wee hours. I’m a tad under the weather this week and very much in need of a few mental health days, so this will be a very quick and short post.

But you can make me feel a bit better about the world and if you want to know how, please keep reading.

I received an email today from Cruelty Free International, the organisation behind the Leaping Bunny LB Thumb labelling program, and I thought you really ought to know about their latest campaign. I say latest, but they started it twenty or so years ago!

Cruelty Free International has helped to convince the European Union and 10 other countries to enact nationwide animal-testing bans. But that leaves 157 countries open to the option of animal testing, many of whom do take up the opportunity.

So their new campaign? To lobby the United Nations for a global ban on animal-testing for cosmetic products!

You might say, but it’s only a ban on animal testing for make-up, what about all the other things animals are tested on for? And you’re right, but does that mean we should abandon this opportunity for a massive step forward for a more beautiful and loving world? I don’t think so.

And they put it best when they said:

If we achieve this massive change, it will be the dawning of a new age where the exploitation of animals will begin to be questioned in every aspect of our lives.

A cruelty free age.

Campaigns like this are only as strong as the people behind them, so spread the word using #CrueltyFreeWorld and donate to the cause if you can. There are suggested amounts, but there’s also an ‘Other’ option, so if a pound (€1.17-ish) is all you can spare, please put it toward a more conscious future.

I am so passionate about a world free of animal-testing that I donated £60 pound, the largest suggested amount. I’m not telling you this as some sort of #HumbleBrag, I’m really not. Pay day isn’t until next week and that money is pretty much all I have left for the moment, so I’ll be surviving on the traditional beans on toast that I thought I had left behind in my student days, just so I can put as much weight behind this campaign as I can.

1And just so you don’t think I’m talking out of my ass, haha!2

And that’s how much I believe in this!

So if you can, please show your support across social media, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your places of work, show the UN how much you want this and help bring about a #CrueltyFreeWorld. ❤

Ban it for the bunnies!

NOTE: If you’re donating, please consider ticking the ‘If you do not want us to contact you by post, please tick here’ box. Save the trees too! recycle_symbol_reduce_reuse_recycle_classic_round_sticker-ra2ca64c59bf442eca6060541691d00ab_v9waf_8byvr_630


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