Clothing Review – Vegan Skechers

Over a year ago I decided to go cruelty-free and in that transition was a wardrobe purge. I got rid of all my clothing items that were leather, wool or suede. I was sort of lucky because I only needed to get rid of about three items. However, one of them I was sad to give up; my Skechers.

They had leather in them. People asked me why I didn’t just keep them until they needed replacing and buy vegan trainers then. Two things wrong with that. Skechers never need replacing and if I did keep them they would just take up space in my wardrobe; I’d never reach for them. So I donated them.

Running Skechers
Skechers Go Run Ride 4 in Black & Coral €75

And now I have finally replaced them, with vegan Skechers! I got an everyday, errand-running sort of pair and an athletic pair for working out and running and such. They’re amazing. I cannot fault them,  I really can’t. I used to say my leather ones were like walking on the moon but these really are zero gravity comfort.

And structurally they are built so well that you feel like you’re getting that extra bit out of your workout or even just from walking around. They just seem to hold the natural shape of the foot very well.

And they’re so light you would hardly know they were there. Have you ever noticed your runners are the weight in your gym bag? That wouldn’t be the case with these.

And I have to add, they’re beautiful. I may develop a pain in my neck form looking down while I’m wearing my running shoes!

Skechers Glider Electricity in Gray €85

It’s really good to know that such a high quality label has so many vegan options, possibly more than their non-vegan options. And as well as that, they offer student discounts of 10%!

And that leads me to their only fault. Skechers, in my opinion are a bit pricey. I wouldn’t have the two pairs I have if someone hadn’t bought me a voucher for my birthday. That said, they are so worth saving up for!

Rating: StarratingiconStarratingiconStarratingiconStarratingiconHalfStarratingicon

Disclaimer: The half star was deducted for pricing, that’s all. The pricing in the captions is related to current pricing online, not in-store pricing on the day I bought them.


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