Food Review: Linda McCartney Sausages

Hi everyone! This will be a review of a different kind today but who doesn’t love food, right?

LM LogoLinda McCartney is a line of vegetarian foods but among them are some vegan gold mines! These sausages are so good. I’ve been eating them for months and even if I lost my mind and went back to eating meat I would probably still eat these. They’re really tasty, really filling and not greasy like typical meat sausages. I even had my meat-eater Mam try some last night and she loved them.

LM Box

LM Green Tags

LM Ingredients

lm ni


One serving is two sausages so there’s three servings in a box. Each serving is pretty low calorie, high protein. According to the nutritional information they are pretty high in salt but unlike what I remember of meat sausages, there’s no need for seasoning of any kind so you wouldn’t need to sprinkle extra salt over these. But they’re really good with mustard if you’re making veggie hotdogs.

LM Dinner

As you can see from my dinner shot, potato waffles probably aren’t the healthiest thing to have them with but the avocado, spinach, mushroom and tomato make up for it in my self-justifying opinion.

Overall they’re really tasty and really satisfying and are available in most supermarkets.



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