LORAC didn’t make the cut on my Cruelty-Free Shopping List

LORAC logo

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your day. 🙂 This lunchtime we’re going to put another cosmetic company under the microscope. I came across LORAC on Twitter and sent them my questionnaire. Here is there response:

Dear Pam,

Thank you for contacting LORAC Cosmetics! LORAC does not test our final products on animals and we are not aware of any animal testing performed by any manufacturer with whom LORAC does business. LORAC does not condone the testing of any cosmetic products on animals and asks all suppliers to support this point of view and all suppliers state that they do so. LORAC cannot warrant or certify that all suppliers who say they do not test on animals in fact do not test on animals. Additionally, notwithstanding the statements of suppliers to LORAC, LORAC has no way of knowing what the “suppliers of the suppliers” are doing. Also, LORAC is only distributed in the United States and does not sell in China or any countries that require animal testing. LORAC does not use a third party to test on animals and we are not owned by another company.

Unfortunately LORAC does not have a vegan product list to provide to you. Animal products and byproducts are not generally used as main ingredients for LORAC products. However, some animal products, and/or byproducts may be used by suppliers of raw ingredients used in the manufacture of LORAC products. Also all the ingredients for every product are listed on the LORAC website.

We hope this helps, please let us know if LORAC can further assist you!


LORAC Customer Care

They seem to mean very well but because they can’t confirm that they’re ingredients are without a doubt, tested on animals, I don’t feel comfortable calling them cruelty-free. I will not be adding the company to my Shopping List. I hope someday they figure out a way of ensuring their suppliers are certified cruelty-free and become more aware of where their ingredients are coming from. All that said, I very much appreciated their honesty.

If any readers have more information about LORAC and their suppliers and cruelty-free status, please leave it in the comment section below. 🙂



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