Review: Cruelty Free, the Leaping Bunny app

Today I’m going to review a cruelty-free shopping aid; Cruelty-Free, the Leaping Bunny phone app.

Cruelty Free

I downloaded the app with the intention of using it to help me shop and help me figure out brands that I can let my readers know are good-to-go.

When I downloaded it and started playing with it I figured out I had to download a separate barcode scanner to get the full use of the app. The catch is that it seems to only be compatible with one barcode scanner app; Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team.


The app itself is split into three sections: Companies, Products and About. It also has a very clean and really easy to use interface.

The Companies section lists in full, the Leaping Bunny approved companies. If you click on one you will be given a link to their website and a company description. There are also three types of symbols you can be shown. The bunny indicates the company uses the Leaping Bunny logo on its packaging. The red maple leaf indicates it is a Canadian company. Finally, the blue square with a light blue circle inside it indicates the company is cruelty-free but has a non-cruelty-free parent company.


The list is super handy and you can quickly scroll through the letters to find the company you want to look up. For those of you too impatient to scroll, there is a very handy search bar. Even better, it works offline! So you don’t need to have reception, credit or WiFi to do your cruelty-free shopping; score!

As well as that, in the Product section, everything is broken down by product type such as Colour Cosmetics, Dental Care etc. That is super handy if you’re looking for a cruelty-free substitute for something you used to use, whether it be toothpaste or hairspray.


Then the About section explains the app, the Leaping Bunny program, the developers and the symbols. Really good in order to legitimise the information held within the app.


The one thing I do not like about the app is that the barcode scanner option does not seem to work. I tested it for you all on many products I have here at home that I know to be cruelty-free and most of which carry the Leaping Bunny logo. The scanner would not work on any of them. That was highly disappointing but hopefully it will be fixed in the future. I will be emailing my concern to developers and let you know of any updates!

Barcode Scanner

Apart from the barcode scanner it is still a great app, especially for people who are just beginning the cruelty-free transition. And did I mention, it’s FREE! Obviously there are more cruelty-free companies out there who are not on the list but these are the Leaping Bunny approved ones so it’s still a great collection of information.

Available on iOS and Andriod.

Five star review: ****


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