Post Veganuary Thoughts

This post is a bit late and even after my amazing optimism for 2015 I have still been very lazy with my blog but I have reasons! I went on a trip to Brussels with my Student Council and got caught in a flu epidemic, which I then brought back with me. For the first time in well over a week I have been capable of, and even looked forward to, getting up and dressed before noon. Even worked out!

Anyway, that’s not what this is about. This is about Veganuary and living on a vegan diet for 31 days. It started off really well. I felt fantastic and I felt like what I was doing was right. But then I couldn’t help notice my face and chest were breaking out uncontrollably and it just continued to get worse and not better. Then I started feeling tired all the time, probably from skipping meals. You see the thing is I know a vegan diet is better for me. However, my calorie consumption plummeted throughout the month because eating outside of my house is very difficult. When I’m on the college campus and have no time to go home and eat I’m limited to Oreos or skipping a meal altogether. That’s not healthy either.

So basically what I’m doing now is eating vegan as much as I can but when I’m out of the house I’m willing to go for the vegetarian option when a vegan one is lacking. The vegan police may have a problem with this but you know what, being an ethical vegan means minimising the damage inflicted upon animals as much as possible. I can’t be an advocate for animal rights when I’m tired and sick all the time. People may think this is a cop-out but for me and my body I feel like it’s quite necessary. Being vegan isn’t about being perfect.

At midnight on Saturday I had a cheese pizza with jalapenos and mushrooms and I’ve probably never jumped out of bed so fast to answer the door in my life! I was just so tired and hungry. That’s another thing; I have a small stomach so on a vegan diet I would have to eat pretty much constantly in order to stay full. That’s simply not feasible. Thing is, I got too excited and had the pizza and then for breakfast I had a toasted sandwich with cheese and for lunch I had a whole quiche. I also had some freshly baked chocolate cookies thinking I’d missed them. Never felt so sick in my life. So while I may not be 100% vegan, cheese and eggs will be eaten at a minimum and I will never be eating chocolate again. I survived without it for so long that the first bite made me ill.


All that said, I’m really glad I tried Veganuary. I discovered a lot more foods that I love and like I said, in as many situations as I can control I will be sticking with it. I just have to learn to compromise outside of my home. That’s just a quick (but late) update on what’s going on with me. Feel free to debate with me in the comments but prepare for my regular blogging schedule to return this week. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Post Veganuary Thoughts

  1. Oh, also, don’t fall victim to the Vegan Police. Certain things like honey are just so much more healthy than artificial sweeteners and syrups. I will prob only use about 1KG a year and I will maintain that baby steps are the key, don’t yell at me for eating 1KG of honey a year when I am no longer eating the following:
    300KG of Dairy
    25KG of Beef
    45KG of Chicken

    So yeah, Vegan Police can suck it πŸ™‚

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    1. You’re so right! I don’t use honey anymore myself, I bought maple syrup but I haven’t tried it yet. I wouldn’t use that much anyway. But as for honey, it’s so difficult to even find a basic breakfast cereal without it! In some places where even vegetarianism is ‘extreme’ compromises must be made. The main thing is we’re doing the best we can to minimise animal suffering. No one is perfect, not even the Vegan Police. πŸ™‚


  2. I had the same kind of experience when I first started Veganism for my first try. It was harsh, coming from a boy who grew up in the country Meat and Potatoes were a must for every meal!

    I can say, it does get better. I’ve lost close to 20kg now just by changing my diet and going Vegan. Since I can’t physically exorcise at this point due to some post operation pain, that is all without any additional physical activity.

    There are certain foods which are really good for calorie intake that are both healthy and Vegan, example Dates, Banana, Almonds & Cashews, Avocado. It takes a bit of additional planning, as you say when you are out it is quite hard! Be prepared to carry your food around with you.

    If you are interested, I can always come back with a few suggestions on some of the things that I have found that fill me up and keep the Wolf away for the day πŸ™‚

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    1. I know how you feel! Growing up in Ireland was all meat and potatoes!
      Weight loss was actually an issue for me. People started to worry I wasn’t eating enough when in actual fact I was eating A LOT! I ate a lot of those things and still do but it doesn’t help much.
      Thanks but I’m actually pretty comfortable with the decision I’ve made now. I’ll be eating and living vegan as much as I possibly can, the only veggie food I’ll be eating will be when there’s no other option than starvation anyway. πŸ™‚


  3. I just came across this post and funny enough, I’m trying out Veganism for a month as well! Not going to lie, it scared me that you said you were breaking out more on this diet when I was hoping that it would clear my skin haha Only on day 2 so I guess time will tell πŸ™‚ (my old roommate used to eat oreos too when we were in college since it was something easy to get on campus and she was vegan)

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    1. Well done on trying veganism! πŸ˜€ May I ask your reasons for it? πŸ™‚
      A lot of people say it clears their skin and that it gets worse before it gets better but everyone is different; I was just unlucky I guess. I’m still dealing with the aftermath now even.
      It is sad to say that Oreos are probably the only thing available to hand when you need a snack and you’re in a rush and away from home when on a vegan diet because vegan or not they’re still sugary biscuits! Can’t be healthy to survive on those outside the home either unfortunately and that’s why I made the decision to choose the vegetarian option when I need to. How are you finding the diet change so far? πŸ™‚


      1. I decided to give it a go because i have problems with sleeping/energy so I figured I would try out different healthy lifestyles until I found one that really worked for me. To be honest, I decided to try vegan first because it’s the shortest month haha

        so far though the change is actually going really well! I’m a coffee addict so changing to a soy creamer has been a little difficult for me but otherwise that actual diet part isn’t so bad. I was eating a lot of quinoa/salads before this so it’s not a drastic change luckily!


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