I have found it really difficult to find something to write about this week. Really difficult. If you don’t know, I’m in the middle of my final year of college so to say I’m stressed and lacking energy and enthusiasm would be an major understatement.

However, I have to write this blog anyway. Why? Because I have to post something online of at least 500 words every single week. So in essence even my blog is no longer the break from life that it used to be.

Even with all of this going on though I did find something motivating to talk about. Something I’m really excited by if I’m honest. I signed up for Veganuary!


Despite my fear of emails, college emails and social media of any kind should I be asked to do more work, I did find a link to a website all about Veganuary. In essence, it’s a vegan challenge for the month of January and being a vegan is something I have been working towards and I’m hoping this will be the final push I need.

The thing about being a vegan in Ireland and being a student is the expense. We are a meat eating society here. There’s no denying that. Ireland has always been slow to change so I don’t see the bacon and spuds leaving the dinner table any time soon but they have left mine. Due to the lack of demand, certain vegan or vegetarian substitutes are really expensive, especially tofu or vegan cheese.

I’ve already switched milk (Aldi or Lidl’s sweetened soy milk is NOM!) and pretty much given up buying eggs and cheese but so far I’m still eating things that they’re in, purely out of convenience and budget. I don’t want to do that though. I used to be a clean-eating vegetarian but when college got tough I let my diet go and as a result I have no energy. Ever. Convenience food is not nutritious, it’s really not. After I eat I almost always feel like there was no point because my body gained nothing from it except a sick feeling for at least 30 minutes.

I’m rambling now but what I want to do is get back to the diet I had and take it a step further. I’m hoping the Veganuary challenge will be the final step and I’ll wake up every morning feeling energised again, having the ability to work-out and take on the day. I haven’t been able to do that in weeks.

For anyone thinking of taking the challenge there’s so much information on the website no matter what your reasons are, whether it’s for your health or the animals. There’s even recipes if you’re not sure how to eat without animal by-products. Even if you’ve no interest in being a vegan I’d encourage anyone to take the challenge just for 30 days. In that one month countless animals could be saved, not to mention yourselves and the benefits to your diet. πŸ™‚


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