Last Friday was International Fur Free Friday. All across the globe people protested and educated the masses about the reality that is the fur industry.

Here in Ireland, the Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) took to the streets of Dublin to hold demonstrations outside the fur stores in the capital. Lead by founder John Carmody, protestors carried skinned ‘foxes’ through the crowds, chanting ‘no excuse for animal abuse’, a chant which makes them recognisable.


I could not attend the protest myself as I would like but I have signed the #MakeFurHistory pledge and a few months ago when I  made my wardrobe cruelty-free, fur and wool etc were among those who were on the chopping block. Luckily fur was something I had none of, and here is why.

Paloma Faith has recently teamed up with PETA for a video exposé on what Origin Assured really means to animals of the fur industry. The Origin Assured label is a staple of the fur industry to assure consumers that the fur they purchase is from countries where animal welfare is of a high priority. Countries like Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the United States all carry the label.


“It is an assurance that the fur carrying the label comes from a country where welfare regulations or standards governing fur production are in force.” – Origin Assured website.

Above is the footage caught by PETA from fur farms associated with the ‘cruelty-free’ Origin Assured label.

These animals are starved, neglected and tortured. Living in tiny cages with dead inmates, some are reduced to eating their own kind to survive. Some have seriously bad states of health including the loss of leg use or infections so bad their brains are exposed to the elements.

Launched in 2006 with a promotional video showing happy and healthy animals, this is now a far cry from the reality.

The label brought about a 70 percent increase in fur popularity and the industry is now worth £9 billion. Luxury department store Harvey Nichols has abandoned its decade-long fur-free policy because of this ‘cruelty-free’ label, which is anything but and they are now a target of PETA’s campaign to make fur history.

This footage and the news of Harvey Nichols makes me sad. As Paloma Faith said: “All fur is a product of a violent and bloody industry. All fur is the product of extreme cruelty and abuse of animals. I always choose faux fur. There’s just no excuse for tearing the fur off an animal’s back.”

She is right. There is no excuse. Why do we need fur? Why do we need wool or suede or leather? We have many other materials to keep us warm, day or night, that look better than the pelts of animals. There is no need to torture and kill an animal just so we can have a shapeless fur coat or a leather bag that will be ‘out of season’ in just a few short months. So many lives lost so one person can wear a fur coat just for three months. It is senseless.

With the European Union ban on animal testing for cosmetics it seems we are on the right track for animal welfare and rights but we have a long way to go. The Origin Assured label is a way of making people feel better about themselves giving into a cruel industry. People have to be educated about the reality of the situation. They have to see the footage above. Please share and sign the #MakeFurHistroy pledge here.



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