Benjy the Gay Bull

My Irish readers will already know about this but since it has become an international story, I thought it time to out in my two cent. I am speaking of course about Benjy the gay bull.

Pledge for Benjy here.
Pledge for Benjy here.

A dairy farmer in Co. Mayo, Ireland, purchased Benjy for the sole purpose of breeding only to find he showed little interest in the cows and more in his fellow bulls.

From a farmer’s point of view I guess the bull is essentially useless. He costs money to keep but does not produce. So off to the slaughter house he must go.

As with most rural places in Ireland, strange stories like this spread quickly so of course everyone knows about the gay bull about to be slaughtered in Co. Mayo. Since the news broke activists have been calling for the bull to be saved and sent to a sanctuary to live out his days.

John Carmody from Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) set up the official campaign to have the bull saved along with The Gay UK. ARAN has had great success recently in persuading councils across Ireland to ban the use of public lands for circuses with live animal acts. Right now more than 270 backers have raised more than Β£3,500 to send Benjy to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary. In total they need Β£5,000 to send Benjy to his new home and anything raised above this will be used towards his upkeep.


Since the campaign became international news though, not everyone has been in favour of Benjy’s case. People have taken to Twitter and some think it has nothing to do with gay rights. Others ask why he is getting special treatment when heterosexual animals are slaughtered every day. Other think he is not gay, just mentally deficient. More think he should be slaughtered if he is gay.

This hits a great nerve with me. I think it is a issue of gay rights. This animal is being considered useless because he is gay. Imagine if we said that about gay people? Imagine the uproar if we began slaughtering people because they did not like to procreate in a more ‘traditional’ manner? I am certain the whole story would be viewed much differently.

Those that say he should not receive special treatment over heterosexual bulls and cows, they are perfectly correct. He should not receive special treatment because none of them should be slaughtered any day. I am currently making a lengthy transition from vegetarianism to veganism because I know better. We do not need meat or other animal by-products in order to survive so the entire industry is senseless and is doing more harm than good for them and for us.

For those who say he is not gay, he is just mentally deficient, I dare you to say that about gay humans on Twitter and see what happens.

The dairy farmer who currently owns Benjy has since bought a replacement bull and I am assuming he is heterosexual since the story has not advanced but he does think it has been blown completely out of proportion. I do not agree. I simply do not. I do not think it is a good reason to kill any life and I do not think Benjy is worth more dead than alive.

To follow the story on Twitter look for #SaveBenjy and if you want to donate to the cause and have Benjy sent to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary you can do so here.


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