US citizens spend how much on Hallowe’en costumes … for their pets?!

US citizens spend an average of $7.4 billion on Hallowe’en every single year. That’s crazy! I can’t even really fathom how much money that is. That’s spent on costumes, decorations and sweets.

Halloween Cash

I found this information on a The Young Turks report (obviously, where else do I get my news) where Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur debated the cost of Hallowe’en and whether or not it was even a holiday worth spending money on. They broke that figure down a bit too. People in the US spend $2 billion every year on sweets and crisps etc for trick-or-treaters at Hallowe’en. The dentists must be delighted!


All that said, none of that shocked me. What did shock me was this figure: State-side people spend $350 million every year on costumes … for their pets! Ana then went on to say “I will concede that Hallowe’en costumes for pets are kinda cute.”

On many things I have agreed with The Young Turks and TYT University hosts but I cannot do so on this. Hallowe’en costumes for pets are downright ridiculous in my opinion. When we dress up at Hallowe’en it’s because we want to. We have consciously made the decision, bought/made the costume, put it on and decided where to spend Hallowe’en in it.


First Year Hallowe'en Ball ... no judging please. :-P
First Year Hallowe’en Ball … no judging please. πŸ˜›

Pets don’t do that. I’m pretty sure if I was to put a costume on my dog this Hallowe’en it would be Christmas by the time it was on her. She’d be having none of it! And rightly so. I don’t recall ever seeing an animal in a costume and looking happy. Don’t get me wrong, many years ago when I and my dog were both much younger I put one of my hoodies on her for funsies. The photo says it all really.

"Please let me out!"
“Please let me out!”

The thing about pet costumes is, they always seem so restrictive and uncomfortable. And why even bother? Is your dog coming trick-or-treating? Is your cat coming to that costume party with you? If so, that’s pretty irresponsible since Hallowe’en is one of the loudest and most terrifying holidays for animals. It’s all the fireworks etc that really get to them. Not to mention that if you’re an adult going to a costume party whereΒ  you’ll be drinking and staying out all night, that poor pet is likely to be forgotten in their uncomfortable costume for many hours.


People might say I’m over reacting on this but it’s simply my opinion. I don’t think we should dress our pets up for Hallowe’en, nor do I actually believe we should dress infants up for Hallowe’en before they can even speak or chose their own costumes.Β  It reminds me of child pageants but that’s a rant for another day.

There’s only one way I will agree to putting an item of clothing on a pet; when it’s cold and rainy out. Take dogs for instance. One can purchase actual dog-jackets designed for bad weather. In this way your dog is warm and dry in those cold Winter months when they still need to be walked. But they’re still just an actual jacket made specifically for the purpose.

This guy looks pretty happy!
This guy looks pretty happy!

They’re not bumblebee costumes. Recently IΒ  actually saw two dachshunds wearing such jackets and they were adorable with their little hoods on! And you know what? They couldn’t have been happier to be outside for their walk and cosy and dry all at the same time. No need for wings or antenna there.


We shouldn’t dress our pets up for our entertainment. Dressing them up does nothing for them except make them feel uncomfortable, restricted and possibly too warm. We should love our pets without having to dress them up. If you wanna play dress up, do it yourself or buy a doll. Leave the doggies and kitties alone this Hallowe’en, yeah? (And Christmas too for that matter!)

Whoever put this on the cat should sleep with one eye open!
Whoever put this on the cat should sleep with one eye open!

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