Renewed Push in an Uphill Journey

I thought of so many things while running tonight that I really hope I don’t forget any of them!

My fitness regime has progressively taken more and more of a back seat as the college year goes on. It’s bumming me out for so many reasons. I’m losing tone, I feel bleugh (if you’ve a better word, leave it in the comments below) and I am unable to just jump outta bed like I used to.


Also, because I’ve been putting so much effort into college work (much more than previous years) I find myself either with less time or less energy for cooking properly. I end up with a lot of waffles. Like a lot. And canned foods or takeaway pizzas (€5 for a 10″ pizza with two toppings, chips and a drink should be illegal).

So basically there’s a vicious circle going on; less time for cooking good food and working out has left me with less energy for cooking good food and working out. I was sort of mulling this over while running tonight and got to thinking that I’ve lost sight of all the reasons I started working out properly in the first place. I wanted to be healthier and stronger; not just for me but for others. Now obviously I still run, but it takes more effort to get out there and my Blogilates workouts have gone out the window completely, along with the clean eating.

This all came to mind because I could feel my butt and backs of my thighs jiggle a bit with the running. It could very possibly be all in my mind, but if it’s not, all that fat on the outer self is nothing compared to what could be building up around my organs again. That was one of my greatest motivators; looking after what I will one day pass on to someone else.

I want to have a scan like the right one when I kick the bucket!

So with the desire to feel better, more energised and be a caretaker for what will not always be mine I started telling that Negative Nelly in my head that I can totally do this 28 minute run, no bother. Why couldn’t I? I didn’t feel tired at all, the only thing slowing me down was the pain in my feet and I could get past that. I had before. All of this thinking made the time fly by and soon after the narrator told me I had just five minutes left! I genuinely fist bumped … then looked about to make sure no one had seen me do so!


I felt so energised by my newfound positive attitude to jumping back on the wagon that I started to run faster. Much faster. I never ran out of breath, even when I pushed even faster, uphill and all. And somehow, the pain from my feet just left. Just like that! I was speaking to a friend afterward (one who scared the crap outta me by returning home unexpectantly late at night!) and he said it could be because we run differently when we run faster. So the way my feet land on the ground when I run faster is much better for me than when I run slowly. Who woulda thunk it?!


So, after all that, I have decided to get back on the band wagon fully! Back to clean eating as much as I can, working out every day; running three days a week, Blogilates for four, and most importantly encouraging myself all the time because I can’t expect other people to keep me going. This is my fitness journey. And it’s not over yet!



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