Unhealthy Living Blogs?

This week I was given a college assignment in which I had to analyse two blogs; one that has a positive impact and one that doesn’t. I decided to compare two blogs of similar theme and was a bit shocked by my own deductions to be honest.

I chose two healthy living blogs, one I follow myself and one that I had been introduced to by a friend during the week. It makes me frightened to know how much information is out there about healthy living that isn’t true.

I won’t mention the name of the one I thought had a negative impact, because it is my personal opinion that it is unhealthy. But I did check out every section of it for my analysis and was not impressed by what I found.

For a start, it had a vegan month section, which I thought would be great for family dinner recipes for my house as we have one vegetarian (myself) and one vegan. On closer inspection, we found it difficult to find a recipe that was in fact vegan. A lot of them had eggs in them.

These may all look different; still not vegan!
These may all look different; still not vegan!

I personally would find it very difficult to trust the information and opinion of a healthy living blogger who does not understand veganism or other special diets.

Apart from this, there was a very subtle hint of thinspiration to the site. Thinspiration sites are so unhealthy and promote the quickest ways to get to unhealthy weights. They don’t promote strength or stamina building but purely weight loss. This site did not do that in particular but there was a lot of use of the word ‘skinny’, which is a serious pet peeve of mine. In my opinion it comes with an awful lot of the similar negative connotations that come with words like ‘fat’ for overweight people. Being skinny or skeletal is very unhealthy, just like being overweight, so if someone used the word skinny to describe me, I would be insulted and have been in the past. It used to make me very self-conscious about whether or not my bones were protruding from my skin, if I looked well, if I looked unhealthy and tired. All that worry didn’t help with my health of course. But I have gotten myself to a place now where I know I am healthy, despite what words people use but I still take offence to the term ‘skinny’.

So true!
So true! Health is so much more important.

There are so many blogs, sites and social media sites popping up all the time that fall under the umbrella of thinspiration and while they get shut down for the most part, new ones pop up just as quickly. It’s a very unhealthy view of weight, because health and even looks aren’t all about weight. For instance, in the last few months, I’ve actually put on weight but lost inches. It’s because of muscle building.

Body image appeared from time to time in social classes when I was at school but I think body image and healthy living especially should be more of a priority in those classes during a person’s formative years at school. There’s enough out there promoting unhealthy living from thinspiration to excess processed foods. I think it’s about time we educated people properly from a young age about how to look after themselves.


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