Couch to 5K: Week 7!

Week 7 is now over. The time is flying by and that’s a bit scary because the college year is flying too!

I’ve noticed as the weather changes it’s getting more difficult to run in the mornings. It’s great for waking up on the morning and getting yourself pumped for the day ahead; but it’s just too hard on my lungs.


I think I have weak lungs (I know, just add it to the list of medical issues! Maybe I’m a hypochondriac…) so the cold air just makes running difficult. I don’t get tired as such, but my muscles get sore if I can’t get the oxygen to them and then it’s difficult to keep going.

I woke up this morning and there was frost on the grass so I said feck it and left it ’til later. I snuggled up in bed with Downton Abbey then until class.

Now, leaving the run until the afternoon seemed like a great idea because it would be warmer. Nope! Terrible, terrible, terrible plan! It was so unbelievably warm, I could barely cope. For those who don’t know, redheads have a genetic sensitivity to temperature change, so if it’s warm out, I’m roasting and if it’s cold out, I’m freezing.

Also, running through campus during the afternoon is extra awful because there are 12,000ish people all over the place and the footpaths aren’t wide enough when no one walks single file. Because no one does walk in single file. There could be a marathon or runners coming against them, and would they move? Not a hope.


Anyhoo, all ranting aside, I feel great and I’m running faster and faster each time. I’m up to 25 minutes of non-stop running now and Week 8 is 28 minutes so there’s no reason I can’t do that. B-)

Usual sidebar: Run in the Dark for charity in November, sponsor me here if you so wish. Every little helps! πŸ™‚


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