Couch to 5K: Week 6 – Complete!

Twenty-five minutes? Pfft! No bother. 😉

I very reluctantly went for my run today. It was cold, I was fluey and it was the wind down part of the evening. But I had nothing better to do and I felt like I had to because I hadn’t done any other kind of exercise today.

Anyhoo, I was worried about my ankles but just ran on as much grass as I could, while going through campus. I started off on the pitches. Oh. Dear. Lord! I scratched my eye a while back so I can’t currently wear contacts and obviously I can’t run with glasses on. It was a little too late by the time I realised the pitch was in use. Soccer training was on but I was committed to the perimeter by then. It was fine. Until the ball came. And it came fast. Luckily there was an unfortunate just in front of me that I was overtaking so it hit him but it scared the crap out of me because it was so late by the time I saw it!

Seconds later, at the next corner, I left the pitch and risked the roads with my joints. But like I said I ran on as much grass as I could. It hurt but I kept going because it wasn’t debilitating, just a nagging pain really. I can be a bit of a drama queen about little pains but if I break my leg I’m like ‘be graaand’ in typical Irish fashion.



Also, I was maybe seven or eight minutes in when I realised I really needed to pee. Like real bad. Has that ever happened to you when you’re doing something and you’re on a roll and suddenly your bladder interrupts? I contemplated stopping at the loo but I just couldn’t; I could totally do 25 minutes!

It got hard-ish. I kept waiting for the narrator to tell me about the last 60 seconds and when she did I was so excited about coming so far that I put my all in and ran super-fast (across the imaginary finishing line).

The only really bad thing about the run was that I had to change my route because of construction and ran past the uni library. The greatest creeping and people watching spot ever! It’s pretty much made of glass and you can see an awful lot of the busy parts of campus from there. So yeah, ran past there, looking disgusting, running embarrassingly slowly and did I mention uphill? So I probably looked like I was gonna die. Yeah.

But I totally forgot all that when I finished. I was so elated my besties and housemates actually noticed just how hyper I was. But it was an amazing post-workout and accomplishment feeling!

More good news for the day, just to throw it in: I received word that my Gaisce Silver Medal is finally on its way and I will get my laptop back tomorrow so I can finally go back to my usual blogging schedule. Yay!

Usual sidebar: training for Run in the Dark in Cork, raising money for animal welfare. Ye know the story by now. Sponsor me here! 😀

Have a great week! ❤


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