Couch to 5K: Week 6 – Draft 1…

So today should mark the finish of Week 6 of my Couch to 5K. It doesn’t. It’s not a particularly sad story at all, don’t worry. 🙂

This week the three runs were:

  • 5mins, 8mins and 5mins running with 3mins of walking in between
  • 10mins x2 with 3mins walking between
  • 25mins running

Now to me, 25 minutes is a long time! But I was optimistic about it. The first two runs were fine and I tried the third yesterday. I only got maybe 15 minutes in before I had to stop because of pain in my ankles. I tried to start again but my legs just hurt too much so I walked home.


I tried again today and couldn’t get past the 20 minutes I had reached last Friday. It was my ankles again. (First my knees, then the tops of my calves, now my ankles … maybe I should take the hint that running isn’t for me!) I had done as much of my run on the grass as possible but I’m not ready for 25 minutes … yet! 😉

At first I felt really defeated and actually noticed that my shadow had hunched shoulders. I have no reason to be upset. I can run for 20 minutes straight! I couldn’t even dream of that six weeks ago! My mind was in a very negative place but the more I thought about it, the more I managed to pick myself up, stand up straight and walk home smiling. I’ve only failed if I don’t try again. 😀


Another thing is my calcium intake. I used to drink possibly a litre of milk every day. I don’t drink close to that now. I have switched to milk substitutes like hazelnut milk and while they have more calcium in them than dairy milk, they can be quite expensive if you can’t find store brand ones so I ration myself. But I also realise this is possibly me over-thinking because there’s no possible way my bones could deteriorate so quickly! But all the same I think I’m going to up my intake again.

Also, I used to work out every single day. Since my laptop went in for repairs (so sad) I haven’t had a way to do my Blogilates workout videos. There’s a GYM very close by (I could actually spit from my house to there, it’s so close) but I really can’t afford to spend the money on it. That is the fantastic thing about Blogilates; it’s free! I really need my laptop back. 😦

So without my daily workout I think I’m taking a few fitness steps backwards. I’m not supposed to run every day according to the program but I may have to do some power walking or something on those four days a week. It’s not much but it’s something and anything that keeps your heart rate up is good, right?


Anyway, the main point here is, while I may have felt defeated, there’s no reason to and even less reason to give up. If I want my fitness level to go up, I can do that. I just have to stop worrying about not meeting other people’s goals (the program’s), what other faster runners think of me, what other athletic friends think of me or frankly anyone at all thinks of me! This is my body and the only person who should worry about it is me!

OK I’ve rambled long enough now, time to get ready to visit my friend and have my last proper YOLO meal; delivered vegetarian pizza! (All that cheese can’t be good…) And I’ll hopefully be able to tell you very soon about my completion of Week 6!


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