Couch to 5K: Week 4!

So I now have four of nine weeks of Couch to 5K done. This week was so much harder than I thought it would be.

Last Sunday I knew the run that I faced the next morning would be tough because that’s the point; they get tougher every week to build your endurance and fitness. The run consisted of 16 minutes of actual running three times this week, which I did but almost didn’t. I seem to have suffered some sort of knee injury.


The outside of my right knee hurt a lot after my first run but I didn’t put it down to running, just something stupid that I had done elsewhere. I’m the type who wakes up with mystery bruises having not even gone out the night before.

My knee felt better by my second run so I went out again but soon felt the pain. I kept going regardless because I’m not only motivated, but detrimentally stubborn. If I was still living in Tipperary this would all be fine. My parents have a bungalow. But here in Limerick, there are stairs. To look at them they don’t seem like a lot, but they are. And it hurt equally as much going down as it did going up.


I spoke to a friend of mine who’s so much fitter than myself. He’s the “Five k is nothing,” type but we’ll forgive him for that. He suggested I run on the grass. So that’s what I did for my third run. It helped a bit. It hurt at the time but I didn’t have the painful aftermath I did with the other two runs. He was surprised it didn’t help more and asked if I had a knee strap. I don’t have money for that!

Also, another thing about running on grass, I had to use the pitches and it was very, very boring. It’s more difficult for me to motivate myself to keep going when I’m bored because no matter how good the music is, if the scenery never changes and is just a vast field of grass, I may fall asleep mid stride.


So that’s my Week 4 story. I found an exercise tutorial on Pinterest (which I’m now addicted to) for runners’ knee so I might give those a go after my next trip out. Week 5 greets me tomorrow. It’s a transition week so there are three different runs instead of one, three times a week. Bit nervous about the big leap to be taken but shur, be grand as they say!

The usual sidebar; I’m training for the Run in the Dark in November in Cork and I’ll be doing it for an animal rescue team so if you’d like to sponsor me you can do so here. Every little helps. 🙂


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