Colour of Sunshine!

Hello beautiful people! I’m in a really happy and chipper mood right now and I think it’s because of a little bit of colour therapy. Yesterday, while I was in Penneys (as most Irish women are on a daily basis), I happened upon the Catrice make-up stand. I only had one colour nail polish at home at the time, so of course I felt like I need more. I bought these:


Then last night I had a bit of a pampering sesh with my roomie Mary. Look at the state of us! Barney and Shrek is right, haha! But it was so much fun and my skin is so cleansed and soft.


Anyway, I’m rambling again. I gave myself a mani, while we watched The Bling Ring (great movie), and went for the Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 05 Earnie & Birdy. It’s just so yellow! And yes, I am that pale…


I keep noticing it all the time, even through my exfoliating gloves in the shower, because it’s so vibrant. It’s really difficult not to smile every time I see such a vibrant sunshine colour on my nails! Especially with the Irish weather outside.

And I thought that as with most other bright colour nail polishes I’d have to use three layers to get the colour right, even though the bottle says two. Nope, just two! It’s just so pigmented and solid, I love it! πŸ˜€


I can’t wait to try out the other colour I picked up. It’s called 55 Get the Blues and looks like the colour effect you see on the road when petrol leaks into a puddle. So great for a night out.

To conclude, I love this nail polish. I used a Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardener for the base and top and just two layers of the yellow polish itself. It’s cruelty-free and cheap to boot at only €2.99 a bottle! Anyone else out there a Catrice fan? Let me know in the comments below. ❀




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