Couch to 5K: Week 2!

Week 2 of Couch to 5K is complete! So many things about this week’s runs were different from Week 1. First of all I have moved house. I now live in Limerick again (whoohoo) for college so I have obviously had to change my route. It’s not at all as flat as the country roads I took by my parents’ home. Tuesday morning I ran through campus but I forgot how many ups and downs there were, and all the steps, Lordie!


The biggest challenge for me this week was running with people around. When I was running in Tipp there was no one around. At all. Running through campus, despite the fact that the academic year hasn’t even started yet, is a bit stupid. It doesn’t consciously bother me that people are watching me. But I have noticed that I run faster and harder with people watching. Aka, stupidity! There’s no point pushing myself well beyond my limits and screwing up the path I’m on for the sake of other people’s viewing. In all likelihood they’re not even watching. And I’m running for me, not other people.

Because of that, this week was quite tough when it came to my breathing. I got pains in my side more often, but I didn’t once stop. I pushed through and I’m so proud of myself now. Bring on Week 3!


By the way, I’m still training for the Run in the Dark in Cork in November and I’ll be raising money for PETA’s Investigations & Rescue Crew so if you’re feeling generous, please sponsor me here. πŸ™‚



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