Let’s Have Some Chicken Tonight?

I’ll try to keep this rant short and sweet.

I have been a vegetarian now for a few weeks. I am currently living with my parents (until tomorrow, whoohoo!) and I cook in the same kitchen as them and eat at the same table as them, every, single, day.

Yesterday evening my mother came home from a shopping trip and said she’d gotten me chicken scewers for dinner. We’re not talking about Quorn ‘chicken’ here, I’m talking about real, was once an animal, chicken on a stick.


What amazes me is after spending so many hours, and days even, making snarky remarks with other people, or even at me, about my eating habits, how one can suddenly forget all that and bring home something I definitely don’t eat for my dinner anymore.

*Note: At no point did I ask for dinner to be bought for me. Just sayin’.

It’s a bit upsetting really, that my own mother can’t remember something like this about me. Imagine if I had allergies! And if I’m super honest it feels very disrespectful to just disregard a great aspect of my life. I mean our diets are very big parts of our lives! I didn’t say anything except, “I’m a vegetarian,” because I didn’t want to argue but I was met with a very insulted response of “I forgot.” She was insulted.

I know a lot of my readers here are vegetarian or vegan and some of the rest of you may have other dietary requirements. I’m just wondering if this is a regular recurrence with people who still live at home and should I get used to it? Let me know your stories in the comments below. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some Chicken Tonight?

  1. Being vegan, oftentimes my family members get me foods and sauces that contain dairy, egg, or honey ingredients. I hate refusing food or other products because they came from or were tested on animals. It makes me feel like an ungrateful brat, but I really do not want any of those things in or on my body! I try to not get upset about it, even if they do, because I strongly believe that I’m doing the right thing. I guess you should just be patient with your family as they adjust to your lifestyle changes. πŸ™‚ Best of luck!


    1. I wouldn’t mind if it was an ingredient issue, because people who don’t have dietary restrictions don’t read ingredient lists and often times don’t know what’s in the food they buy. But this is very obviously chicken, yno? It’s very obviously meat in the clear packaging and it hurts that they can’t remember that.
      Moving out today anyway! Thanks for your support!


  2. During the time when I was trying not to eat meat, I had pretty much zero support from the people in my life. My friends were mostly neutral about it but some close relatives were against it because I am a little bit “underweight” and they didn’t understand at all why I felt that eating meat was wrong. I was also ill at the time and needed to keep my strength up. My mum did respect it when I didn’t want to eat the meat she had cooked for dinner but still didn’t quite agree with my reasons for not eating it. I think the most support you’ll get is from online vegetarian/vegan communities. Keep it up with your new diet and don’t be discouraged by other people’s disapproval; you’re doing a very good thing! X

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    1. Thanks! I have received a lot of support from the online community to date and it only gets better. πŸ™‚ I’m not even seeking support though, mainly just recognition. It’s the forgetting such a big thing about me that really upsets me. I’ve gotten used to the snarky remarks and nutrition advice offerings from people who should NOT be doling out nutritional advice, but it’s still upsetting when it’s the people closest to me.
      Thanks! With all the support i get here, I ‘ll be vegan in no time! πŸ˜€


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