100% Vegetarian; Check!

So this should have gone up yesterday but typical of the Irish countryside, no internet access.

I have been vegetarian now, 100%, for a whole week. In the grand scheme of things that’s nothing. But it’s still a tiny achievement in itself, at least for me. πŸ™‚

I have come across few issues when it comes to food, nutrition, meal choices etc. But yet again, there are external dark forces at work. Stop putting your ham on my shelf in the fridge people! Ok, seeing the whole picture it’s not a big deal; it’s wrapped up, not touching my food, no one is forcing me to eat it. But does anyone else see the slight disrespect? Not just for my personal space, but really, it’s not difficult to remember that I don’t eat meat. Like seriously. It’s not even the first time since I was vegetarian at 16 too. And people still offer me meaty things to eat; ahm, it’s not like we haven’t sat down to discuss this numerous times.

I saw this on Instagram today, had to include it! It sums up perfectly why I decided to do this.

I have also come into contact with people, who will mock and ridicule me, and then try and turn my beliefs into a business prospect, without apologising. Ahm … no! Just because you’re a distributor for a company that sells some vegan products does not mean you can push your wares on me while simultaneously laughing at me. Eh eh!


Lots of people have this view that vegetarians and vegans are very self righteous etc. (An opinion I’ve been hearing a lot lately). If this is true (and I’m not saying it is) is it any wonder when we have to put up with so much disrespect from those close to us about our personal lifestyle decisions. I’ve had more support from strangers on the internet than from my family; that’s fairly sad.

Thing is,Β  I’m not even looking for support; just don’t drag me down. That achieves nothing.

Anyhoo! Moving on to some more unintentional struggles. Went to a family do recently and all the sandwiches had meat in them as far as I could tell. Only veggie options left were sweet things like cake and buns etc. So trying to eat healthy and vegetarian, not easy to do all the time. Does anyone else feel like a burden at things like that when you’re the ONLY veggie? Like if you say something someone will go make a whole new batch of food just for you and you don’t want to put them out? Let me know in the comments below!

So now, I am a vegetarian. I think eventually I will become a vegan. A lot of research into the milk and egg industry has led me to believe this is the best option for me and what I believe about the rights of animals. It could take a while for me to make the switch; like anything, if I overwhelm myself with changes I’ll give up when it gets tough and might just go back to eating meat. Definitely don’t want that!


2 thoughts on “100% Vegetarian; Check!

  1. In the beginning, when a lot of people are still testing you whether this whole veggie thing is just a phase or for real, it helps to bring your own food, maybe even offering to contribute a veggie dish to make for all guests. I found though, the longer you stick with it, the more the teasing will turn into respect. As well as the interest in cooking you something yummy and getting your approval πŸ™‚ good luck with your journey, dont let anyone give you negative feelings about your decision ! πŸ™‚ have a lovely evening


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