Breast Cancer Awareness Reminder

The Irish Examiner released their county by county health analysis of Ireland today. Naturally being form Tipperary I wanted to check the analysis for the county. Tipperary North has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Ireland.

For every 100,000 occupants of the northern half of the county, 74.03 have developed breast cancer between 2009 and 2011. This is hardly October, but I think breast cancer awareness should be a year round reminder.


We all know that early diagnosis is the best way to fight cancer. But how many of us can say we regularly self-check? Or that we get examined by the doctor twice a year for breast cancer? My hope is many but I’m afraid, from speaking to many people about this, the reality is that few of us do it.

There really is no set age group for breast cancer development either. There are averages sure, but not everyone falls into those. In my opinion we should begin self checking in our teens and it should be a topic covered in health classes. Knowledge is key, right?

Thankfully I have never lost anyone to breast cancer, it does not seem to run maternally nor paternally in my family. This statistic shocked me all the same and I’m making it my business to self check every time I take a shower now. There’s no easier or more private place to check yourself so I encourage everyone to do the same.


And another point; men get breast cancer too. As strange as it may sound, it is possible. We’re all susceptible, some more than others, but we all are. The key is to take notice of our own bodies and have any abnormalities checked out by a medical professional. Have yourself checked twice a year by a medical professional regardless of abnormalities too. The earlier you start fighting back the better.


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