Am I Crazy?

Uhm, I don’t remember animal rights activism being a bad sign, but according to my life this week, it is.

All throughout this week I have been ridiculed, mocked and laughed at because of my lifestyle choices. People have sent me and showed me pictures of raw meat and laughed when I recoiled. Let’s face it, even for meat-eaters raw meat is gross. People have even gone so far as to call me crazy for my choices.

The lady on the right, her face says it all!

I don’t know when standing up for something you believe in, which harms none, actually justified the word ‘crazy’, but it was a sad day whenever it was. It is tragic that other people can’t accept that everyone has a cause in their lives and they’re all different. Mine happens to be animals. I don’t ridicule others for raising money for disease or medical research or orphaned children because doing that would be wrong and would achieve nothing. Those causes are just as important, even to me. I do a lot of charitable and volunteer work for many other causes but if I mention animal welfare I better be prepared for the jokes. Why is this?

I have also found that the most ridicule I received this week came from pet owners. One would think that as a person who clearly loves animals, or at least house pets, that they would be a bit more understanding.Β  Nope!

Apart from being pet owners, most of these people were family members. Supportive? I think not.

And another thing. I don’t actually go around preaching about my beliefs all the time or hand out flyers announcing my dietary changes. Yet people insist on bringing it up anyway with the intention of putting me down.Β  It’s never out of interest in my choices, it always comes with a judgemental tone. I really can’t understand why people must stick their noses into other people’s business if it is a topic that doesn’t interest them in the least. I see no reason to do so. Nothing will be achieved except possibly seeing less of that person!

So I no longer eat meat, if you don’t have an interest in animal welfare, frankly that’s ok, I won’t push you. In return I would like those same people to not push my buttons.


And to the point of this post, I gave up white meat as well as red meat this week. Didn’t miss it at all to be honest. And I don’t think I will, but next week will be difficult. I will be giving up fish tomorrow but I love the taste of seafood so I imagine I will actually miss that unfortunately. But I’ve never been a person for half doing something, so it’s gotta go!


2 thoughts on “Am I Crazy?

  1. I’m so sorry people have been giving you a hard time about this. You just have to keep your head up and do what matters to you. There will always be people who support your choices, even if they’re just fellow bloggers on the internet. But don’t give up, because you’re doing a great job, and maybe one day those same people who have put you down will be inspired by your determination!


    1. Thanks you! It seems the internet is one of the few places one can find support these days. And quite frankly I’m not looking for support, I’d be quite happy if people kept their negative opinions to themselves and said nothing. But thank you again. The world needs more positive people like you. πŸ™‚


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