I Dream of Chicken!

So for those of you following my cruelty-free lifestyle change, you’ll know I gave up white meat this week. Waking life seems simple, and in general I’m eating much better. Sleeping life is not necessarily as simple…

Last night I dreamed about chicken. I kid you not! And it wasn’t one of those cinematic dreams where I’m in a darkroom with a spotlight on me and some dramatic yet eerie music while meat is shoved in my mouth. It was perfectly normal.

Young woman sleeping in her wooden bed

I was at a family do – oddly enough with relatives I don’t even like and haven’t spoken to in forever and a day – and we were all having dinner at a distant cousin’s house. I had just finished helping another cousin cook the meat and when it was done we sat down and my plate was filled with veggies, chicken and lamb. Nothing felt odd until I was actually chewing some of the chicken.

This is when I realised, ‘Wait, I’m not supposed to eat this’, felt sick and woke up. Über strange!

Now I must admit I am very into dreams and what they mean yada yada yada. This one I’m not exactly sure of. In fact I have no clue! I mean it can’t be something literal because I don’t miss meat and already feel better from eating more fruit and veggies. So if anyone has any ideas, feel free to share in the comments below!


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