Going Veggie Ain’t So Easy

One week, no red meat! The phasing out of meat and fish on the way to being an ethical vegetarian is now one third complete. But it hasn’t been without it’s challenges.


You may think that the actual food was a problem. I didn’t just survive on chicken and fish because I could, I incorporated a lot of vegetarian food into my diet and cooked great food from scratch, which I never really did before. The food is great. The support, not so much.

People on the internet (Facebook, Twitter, blog followers, Blogilates Community) are very supportive and even helpful so far. I’ve had people giving me meat substitution tips, recipes, how to beat cravings in the beginning; everything you can think of. Even people who aren’t vegetarians are being helpful. But it would seem all my new cruelty-free decisions are of great ‘inconvenience’ to my parents.

Cruelty-free make-up. Mother: “Why did you have to throw it out?! Why couldn’t you at least give it to someone else?!” It’s unhygienic, that’s why!

Cruelty-free toiletries. See above.

Cruelty-free wardrobe. Mother: “Why do you have to give them away? Why can’t you just wear them around the house, no one will see you.” Should I bother explaining the word hypocrisy?

Me: “Dad, I’m going to be a vegetarian again, because…” Dad: “Keep the chicken.” -_- Am, can I finish?


I haven’t really spoken to them about it since; too frustrating. But I have acquired my own cupboard in the kitchen, and a shelf in the fridge and another on the door of the fridge. Or have I? What is the point of acquiring your own things so have some sort of dietary independence if people can’t keep their stuff off my shelf? I don’t have a lot of space as it is so I can’t fit yours too. And if I actually choose to buy my own food and have in no way been a financial burden since 2013, do not eat my food without so much as asking. It’s rude.

Even though I am highly motivated to change my life for the better, whether it’s the cruelty-free lifestyle or my new fitness regime, I never realised how hard it would be to stay motivated when geographically surrounded by so much negativity. I am in no way affecting any other human’s life.Β  I buy my own food, cook my own food, support myself, walk everywhere so I don’t ask for a lift anywhere, clean up after myself to a degree where one’d think I hadn’t even been there. And I still get to hear “clean up after yourself!” every single time I prepare food, despite the pile of their dishes in the sink. Practice what you preach, and bugger off!


Negative rant over, haha!

So back to my original point. I have chucked red meat from my diet and already feel a difference in myself. I used to eat a fair bit of beef but I think, ethical thoughts aside, that it’s quite hard on the digestive system, so I’m happy I made the decision to get rid of it.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of no-white-meat week. After that I will also take away fish but I won’t call myself a vegetarian until I’ve made it to the end of week three.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Going Veggie Ain’t So Easy

  1. I admire your determination! It’s great to read this. While I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life, now I’m making some steps to living a more vegan lifestyle. First off, I’m cutting out egg products. It’s not easy, but I know it’ll be worth it in the end!


    1. Fair play to you! It’s so much easier to cut out things and make changes in stages, that way we won’t just get overwhelmed and quit. Good luck to you on the vegan transformation! πŸ˜€ I admire you so much for taking it that one step further. πŸ™‚


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