No Longer a Beginner!

So today I completed my Blogilates Beginners’ Calendar; success! I did finish a day ahead of schedule but that’s because I couldn’t wait to bake tomorrow’s designated cookie recipe.

For those of you don’t know, Blogilates is, you guessed it, a blog, about Pilates, fitness and clean nutrition. I found it a few months ago while scowering the net for something to do that didn’t cost a fortune. Four weeks ago I decided to take it seriously and started the beginners’ calendar. Day one was simple; day two, not so much. As soon as the ab exercises began I really started to feel the burn!

Beginners Calendar
You can find the videos for the calendar here.

All in all the first week was simple, even if I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated first thing in the morning, I still worked out because Summer holidays had just begun and I hadn’t much else to do in the early hours. The rest days were difficult though, because it made getting back into routine on a Monday morning that much harder. No one likes work on a Monday after a lazy Sunday.


During week one, I also made some other life changes. I moved in with my boyfriend. It was for only 12 days until I came back to Ireland, but still, it counts. I didn’t realise how awkward I would feel about working out around him. Teeny tiny shorts and a sports bra sound attractive ’til you start sweating and exposing your muffin top! He did at least agree to not look while I worked out, but that did end in a dangerous incident when he tried to walk past me with his eyes covered. After that I just got over myself.

But I was beginning to notice differences in my body. I wasn’t exactly losing weight, I’m petite anyway, but I was toning up and I liked what I saw.

And as difficult as I found the aftermath of rest days, I still looked forward to them. New recipe day! The first one was a pancake recipe with just two ingredients: a banana and two whole eggs. That’s it! And they were so good I’ve had them for breakfast every day since! The others I actually didn’t get to do on their designated days because of a lack of ingredients but I went shopping yesterday and caught up today. I made banana oat cookies, a microwaveable muffin with berries and a surprisingly tasty flourless pizza for dinner.

Banana pancakes; the most delicious breakfast!
The easiest and healthiest muffin-for-one recipe out there.
These cookies couldn’t be more simple to make.
I had trouble getting this from pan to plate and burned the edges a tad, but flourless pizza is amazing!
Another great thing I found about Blogilates is that there’s a social network to go with it. It’s amazing! Everyone’s so positive and motivating. Losing weight and toning up can be difficult, and upsetting if you’re not seeing results, but it’s a place where people build you up and encourage you to keep going. In an age of cyber-bullying and internet-trolls, it gave me some more faith in humanity and our motives behind a screen.


So after four weeks I can safely say I look better, I eat better, and above all I feel better. I have invested in my own workout mat (I had been using my boyfriend’s camping mat!), ankle weights, dumbbells and a new pair of (cruelty-free) trainers. Tomorrow is my final rest day before I hit into the regular monthly Blogilates calendars. Bring it on!



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