Cruelty-Free Wardrobe! (or floordrobe…)

Yesterday I saw a video, shot by one of the PETA undercover teams who went inside the wool and sheep-shearing industry. It horrified me to say the least. As a result I headed straight to my wardrobe for the cruelty-free clearout I thought I would be doing next week. Step Three is a go!

Now, this was faster to go through than the make-up or toiletries, but a little bit more heart-breaking to be honest. Now, most of my clothes are from Penneys, so no worries about the clothes from there: no real leather, suede or wool. That’s what I thought ’til I came across this jumper:


Glad to be shot of it really; super itchy! But that should have been the major hint. Thirty percent wool. Chuckin’ it! But my now paranoid brain went into overdrive and I checked all the labels on my woolly clothes from Penneys but the rest are acrylic and polyester and all that. No more worries!

What I did encounter were a bunch of clothing materials of which I’d never heard. What the heck is viscose?! Turns out it was a plant based material, like cotton, but I wouldn’t have known that without a Google search. And there were some other incidents where I read the labels but not the English bit and spent ages looking up katun: yes, it’s cotton. *face palm*

Head in Hands

I also came across a black winter trench in there that was forty percent wool. Out ya go! Not bothered about that really; got tonnes of wear out of it through the years and I never wear it anymore, it’s too bulky. Lots of new space on my clothes rail now too!


Leather boots. They’re lovely, they were also a gift before I went to Denmark, very good in snow and rain, but ya gotta take a hike without me now!


And now comes the heart-breaking bit. I was worried about my runners, and as I lifted the tongue of one with bated breath, I think my heart actually stopped when I saw it: ‘Leather’. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Not the Skechers! I love Skechers, they’re the best type of runners I’ve ever had and the most comfortable. But sadly I must scavenge for a new pair as these take a vacation in the goodwill shop.


So now my wardrobe is cruelty-free and while my wallet may be pining for the Skechers and not wanting to buy another pair of runners, my conscious is that little bit clearer. After watching the video above, I couldn’t bring myself to keep those things any longer. I couldn’t see what those animals had been put through just for the sake of me wearing an itchy and annoying jumper and still justify keeping it. So I can safely say I’m extremely happy to say slΓ‘n to leather, suede, wool and every other animal by-product used for clothes (I even checked my pillows for duck feathers today).

Step Three: Check!


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