Cruelty-Free Toiletries!

Hello cyber people! It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged so I must get to it. Moving country and returning to a room I hadn’t cleaned before leaving has not been easy…

Yesterday I completed Step Two of my cruelty-free lifestyle project. For me this included going through all my toiletries and throwing out all the things from companies who test on animals or who their animal-testing status is unknown (better to be safe than sorry, as the Irish mammies always say!).

So this is what I tossed:


It’s a lot of stuff. The vast majority of it is TRESemmé hair products. This was good and bad. It meant that I had pretty much no hair care products after but it did speed up the process since I could say ‘no TRESemmé’ and toss this, that and the other.

I was using the PETA list and Leaping Bunny list to do my clear out and found an awful lot of the brands I have collected here in Ireland do not appear on their lists at all, whether they are cruelty-free or not. It can make things a bit difficult and I did struggle with some items saying ‘I can probably keep this so’, but ended up throwing those out too because my conscious would always wonder. I don’t want to use a moisturiser that has potentially been injected into the eyeball of a restrained animal against their will. I find it the most difficult to think of things happening to those animals for cosmetic purposes if I think ‘it could be my dog’.

Just look at that face! <3
Just look at that face! ❤

On returning to Ireland I also had more make-up to toss but I did discover a brand I can keep: Barry M cosmetics. It’s great because I love, love, LOVE their nail polishes! They’re so pigmented and last forever and a day. I did have to replace a lot though, so what did I do? Another trip to The Body Shop of course!

So where I now live (the middle of effing no where!) doesn’t exactly have them on every corner like in Denmark, so I had to take an hour’s train journey to Limerick City to visit a department store. Now, I did realise that it would not be as big as any of the shops and would probably have a smaller selection, but I did expect more than four or five small shelves!

Never the less I purchased new shampoo, shower gel, exfoliating gloves, cotton pads, waterproof eye make-up remover and a 3-in-1 scrub mask, all for a cruelty-free and reasonable price! And did I mention how much I love this stuff?! The shampoo smells amazing! And considering there was no conditioner to buy, my hair is super shiny today! The scrub makes my face feel fantastic and the eye make-up remover actually removes all of the waterproof mascara I have, not just bits of it.

This is also what I got to keep from my clean out (mostly acquired in Danish The Body Shops…):


And apart from the cruelty-free benefits and the good-for-my-skin benefits of this clear out, there’s another positive! I have sooooo much more space in my room! My drawers were full of things like body wash and lotions and body butter. I don’t even know what body butter is! It’s just one of those things you accumulate from many bath sets as gifts at Christmas. I think I tossed seven tubs of the stuff. Now my room is clean and clear and so is my mind. It’s no longer an out-of-sight-out-of-mind situation where I’m afraid to disturb a drawer or cupboard just in case I die in an avalanche of stuff!

So there you have it, Step Two is complete! I have not decided which will be Step Three yet, whether it’s a wardrobe clear-out – no leather, wool etc – or if I’ll cut out red meat (I decided to cut out meat in stages so my body doesn’t get all messed up again). Either way, catch it here at The Inner Ramblings of Me!

*To see my posts on my cruelty-free decision and make-up clear-out, click here and here.


4 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free Toiletries!

  1. This is great! I’ve also found that non-animal-tested stuff tends to be better all around. I’m subscribed to the Vegan Cuts beauty box and get cruelty-free products in the mail every month… always feels like Christmas!

    Anyway, congrats and THANK YOU for making the decision to go cruelty-free (:


    1. Thanks! And thanks for letting me know about Vegan cuts, I’d never heard of it before but I’m checking it out now and it looks amazing! 😀


    1. Thanks! It really does, and I think using beauty products that can put a smile on your face for doing something good work all the better. 🙂


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