UPDATE: Cruelty-Free Make-Up Bag!

So for those of you now following my blog you know about my little project earlier in the week when I made my make-up bag cruelty-free. Since then I’ve been applying my ethical eye make-up and I love it! I have admittedly had to relearn how to apply pencil eyeliner well (which isn’t easy because I’m simply bad at make-up anyway, but carrying on). All in all though I love what I have recently invested in at The Body Shop. The colours last, they shimmer and waterproof actually means waterproof; that’s a first for me!

So this is my eyes after my 30 second face application (any longer than that and it must be a grand occasion) with my new products:


For anyone out there who wants to learn about cruelty-free products, DIY beauty tips and make-up tutorials, check out PirouetteMakeup on YouTube. She has some fantastic tips and constant updates on what products are cruelty-free and what ones are not. She was a great source for my personal research into cruelty-free make-up when I took on this project so I would widely recommend her.

Just to be super, super clear, I am not using this blog to be preachy. I’m not trying to convert anyone into animal rights activists or anything like that. Everyone has their own cause, and animal rights just happen to be mine. But if any of you want to learn a bit more about what cruelty-free actually means, musician Dave Navarro sums it up pretty neatly in less than two minutes right here.

If you’re a very sensitive person and want to look more into what actually happens to animals being tested on, I’d recommend written research. Constant visual evidence might make you cry. A lot.

On a lighter note, look what I got:


Yeah I pretty much can’t stop shopping now. I keep thinking, ‘Oh I should replace that, and that, oh and that too’, which I like. Can’t say the same for my bank balance though… And it doesn’t help that there’s a The Body Shop just 10 minutes from where i’m currently living. Oh well, it’s for the greater good and all that. πŸ˜‰


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